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Say Hello to musgrove.RED

As if another Musgrove blog was needed in any fashion, I’ve added to the lot. Old habits are hard to break I guess. Waving goodbye to web development clients to focus on my daughter(totally by grateful choice), I find I still want to code. But I don’t have the time. So maintaining WP sites seems like it’s having to suffice. That’s not coding, and my once cutting edge programming skills are dullening by the hour though.

I’ve always had a ton of domains since they usually cost next to nothing, and in some cases, nothing, to license one. Or used to. .com’s are often advertised as being .99 to lure people in, and sometimes it’s possible to find a rare gem with a lot of work, but all the good .com’s are gone. No one’s ever liked .net, and clever plays on words like don’t work very well in several ways. With the domain market just being flooded with a bajillion new extensions, they’ve been fairly commoditized. Other than .com, for some reason. But the funny thing is the shorter tlds are being grabbed, as are numbers and of course, 4 or fewer characters are a premium. They used to not be, so the market’s finally reacting. The domain market is sort of like the stock market, which is probably why it’s appealing to people and there’s so much software available to analyze it. I try to keep my domains under 1 roof at Google Domains, but have some at Namecheap, who offers extensions Google doesn’t and some really nice features for a great price. And I have several expensive .blog domains which Matt at Automattic is screwing up in his own way and manages.

Setting a domain up as a subdomain is no problem. Or just setting it up as a primary account at A Small Orange, where I’m an affiliate and have enough hosting credits to last me a long time, which is awesome.  A Small Orange is a great hosting solution (to me; everyone has their opinions on hosts) $5/month or $50 year for basic shared. Or just become an affiliate and pay nothing.

But ever since Host Monster jacked me and my domain up, I’ve been regrouping RE: the Musgrove brand. Which in reality I’m probably more of a liability to.

I have,,,, and that’s just the “Musgrove” sites. I have a whole publishing conglomerate with 7 sites over at Medium under And then the sites for WordPress; my hobbies; my company; for rebranding like, musgrove.emal and; for possible ideas I had, and on and on. Mine. Yep. A bunch of drone sites, even though I don’t have time to even charge a drone these days? Oh, yeah. As many as I think I have, there are people that trade in domains, and manage thousands upon thousands of them. Obviously, I think that’d be fun. To a point. Managing the WordPress installs and technical stuff is pretty easy if you know what you’re doing, good at management, and have the right tools. What’s tough is when sites start going down for no apparent reason. And when things get too spread out. Too many hosts, too many name registrars, too many associated social and email accounts, etc… So I thought I’d toss onto the fire.

Red’s my favorite color by far, as anyone who knows me knows, and Musgrove’s my family’s last name. .Red domains are being snapped up quickly too I’ve noticed. I don’t care about that, other than not being able to grab later if I wanted, so I snatched it up now.